My Improved Life.

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In life, we may or already know something or a skill within us to survive. However, most of the time, it is ourselves stopping us from doing the most basic thing in our time. That’s to take action, make changes and embrace it.

One of the daily live examples within us will be those people around us. If you ever take a step backward and observe. I always think that if ever anyone of us ever meet someone like Robert Kiyosaki in his earlier time, I think he/she today will be somebody.

Yet again,I think that’s his/her choice and now the choice is yours. Think about what you want to do in your life, just do it and after all, we only have a time to live with it, miss it and will never knock on you again.

That’s a saying which state ” Opportunity Always Knock On You When You Are Not Ready” Today, I have decided to make a change and take action. I will embrace the changes and focus on it.

Lastly, do take care of your health because if you are not fit and well, you cannot help people and yourself to achieve your goal.

All The Best


Dezmondo TAN